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Rolando Perez

Software Engineer

Name:Rolando Perez
Date of birth:July 19, 1985
Address:Los Angeles, CA

My goal is to constantly improve myself and my skills. I want to be the person who makes the difference in any and all the matters that I get involved in.

For the past 3 years I’ve been working with personal projects, I’ve worn many hats in my career, as a programmer, writer, researcher, manager, marketer, salesman, strategist, web analytics and many others. As a result, I have developed an ability to manage multi-disciplinary projects, deal issues with clients (even the difficult clients) and to navigate complex challenges.

My actual experience boils down to the following:

  • I can design projects from scratch, including, but not limited to, all the proper documentation (requirements, architecture, design, technical documentation, user documentation, and project management, among many other).
  • I am constantly trying to master Microsoft .NET technologies like ASP .NET, MVC, MS SQL, but I am not limited to that, I also like to improve my skills in JavaScript, jQuery, HTML 5.
  • My hobbies are also the software development and gadgets construction.
  • I speak geek fluently.
  • I love to search for a solution for the consuming time problems.
  • I usually run towards the fire.
  • I don’t care about who gets the credit, I just want to win.

Reach out if you want to talk about technology, robotics, artificial intelligence, business or even play video games.


You can download the latest version of my resume in pdf format.

Please feel free to download it and read it.


If you need my references, please send me an email requesting them.

Education & training


Costa Rica Institute of Technology

Ingeniería en Computación (Software Engineering)

The main focus of the careeer are:

  • To analize information requirementes of an organization and to specify its software requirements.
  • To design alternative solutions of a software with a basis on the requirement specification to elaborate a very detailed and conceptual design document.
  • To build a software product with basis on the design's specification utilizing various languages and programming environments.
  • To apply different methods of verification as well as validations in software development to ensure the quality of the product in development.
  • To develop tools and software applications required for the softwares to be effective in relation with the operative systems, compilers, communication softwares, etc.
  • To administrate development process of systems.
  • To acquire, evaluate and implement systems and packages.
  • To provide support and training to users in applications and computing platforms.

Other Achievements

  • I was always among the top 3 highest grades on high school. (Santa Cecilia HS, La Cruz, Guanacaste, Costa Rica 1998-2002).
  • 2nd Place on the Universitary Programming Olympiad, 2004
  • Recognition to the Extra effort. HP Dec 2008.
  • Recognition to the Extra effort. HP May 2009.

Tell me about your hobby and I'll tell you who you are.

Aditionally to competitive video games, I enjoy programming and building solutions, many times for free, just for the thrill of the experience and opportunity to learn or help people.

Electronic devices

I build electronic devices or gadgets, also, just for fun:

  • My Solar charger for any battery dependent device through a USB port.
  • A pet feeder with sensors to detect when it is about to be depleted and be refilled.
  • Audio transmiters to have "wireless audio" using RF.

Among many other stuff I could buy but rather build them instead because I enjoy doing it.

Video Games

I like to mention this, because for some employeers gaming list is relevant(several already asked me the list of games I play), and also is also abit of a demostration on how teamwork skills you have.

Designing software projects for fun

Some of my websites I work in my spare time are:

Websites Developed 100% By Me

Among many others this is a list of products designed and developed by my self with no help of other developers.

  • Private Security Costa Rica I designed and coded the entire pack of tools we manage, front end and back end, including all the web services. This allow me a steady monthly income paid by private security companies for advertise on the website. Last update: 2015.
  • Private Security Costumer Finder This is a software directly designed to find costumer in homesecurity and privatesecurity companies for Costa Rica and Panamá, this product help them to find costumers, and employees. This allow me a steady monthly income paid by private security companies . Last update: 2014.
  • Smart Rent Management Software Web application to manage tenants and properties, this application is used by several companies paying a fee, and several individuals for free. This is an application I developed on my free time, it took me between 400 and 450 work hours to reach the first usable release. This allow me a steady monthly income paid by 4 companies in Costa Rica, 2 companies in Chile, among other companies that are negotiating for the services. Last update: 2015.
  • Guitar Tabs Directory Web site I created when I started to learn ASP .NET. This website produce a few hudred dollars every month based on Google Advertising. Last update: 2012, this is not a responsive website.
  • Chords Dictionary Web site I created when I started to learn ASP .NET. This website produce a few hudred dollars every month based on Google Advertising. Last update: 2012. This is not a responsive website.
  • Domino Game A project I started to study some AI algorithms as a personal project. It still not complete and I work on it only when I have spare time. This is just a website for fun. Last update: 2014. This is not a responsive website.

So much websites with steady income. Why are you still looking for a job?

Well, several reasons, but they are not listed by importance:

  1. I need the money, my wife and I have decided to have a bigger familly, and to be prepared with a secured job, a good insurance, savings for college, maybe a house, and savings for retirment.
  2. Not passionate about. Even if I have a steady monthly income with this websites, I feel the need of having a normal job, since, the kind of work load this products gives me is not the kind I want. When I start every product I love how much I learn and how much I have to put on the developing phase, but after the websites are done, the work that is left is just costumer service and what I am looking for is to have more software developing task. There are only inprovements left but it take me minutes to resolve it.
  3. I need to get out. After working during almost 3 years from home, I feel like I need to get out more and talk to more colleagues and have a bit more of interaction, it is harder to learn when you are the only software develper in the team.
  4. I want to focus on software. The ammount of roles when you are in business by your self are too much, I dont like to be a sales man, but I have to, also being involved on legal matters, accounting, managing, among many others. I would like to be focused on software development and make my way to be a senior developer.
  5. I am not a fluent english speaker, you may have notice by now, I feel like socializing would be the best way to inprove that.

My goal would be to focus on my new job and the new company, and also keep working on my website sometimes during the weekends, and having my wife working from home attending the products, with abit of help of my assistant.

Contact info

Let's keep in touch

Please write me an email or give me a call. I will gladly answer at any time during the afternoon.